Holder of all keys. 
If I travel the world and swim the seas
Dive the oceans and fly the breeze
I would become the holder of all keys
Opening life's tales, allowing them to unfreeze
So they can fly away with the bees
Telling their tales to all the trees
Making them fall to their knees
Because each tale has become a disease
Spreading through the forest with every sneeze 
And the only medicine is to use more keys
I have a penny in my hand                                                                                                                                     And there's a fountain of youth upon the land
I found my key by the sand 
But because I have nothing planned 
I simply cannot stand
Come, and enjoy the laughter
We’ll worry about it after we're gone
There is no such thing
As turning back time
But there is a way to solve your problems
Just breath in and out
Believe in the power within
For it, hope and faith
Will create the needed strength
To carry on
Because life won't wait 
Not for you nor anyone at all 
You must carry your own weight 
No matter how big or small 
Fulfill the need to be great 
But in the end 
It is your call 
You time 
Your wish
Dear Inspiration
Dear inspiration
Thanks for leaving me alone
At my time of need
And thanks to a dead muse
I’m stuck in front of 1000 doors
With no keys
As if I was hungry with greed
You cut down all my trees
And took  the cool breeze
Far away from me 
But I need that to be able to breathe 
Slowly killing all my beautiful views
Ripping them out of my imagination
Making it a colorless empty space
Leaving me in lost frustration
With no hope to even chase   
Let my feelings speak 
If they stay locked up 
I become weak 

Dear Inspiration 
I'm on my knees 
Send me your magic 
I have a feather
So do you 
Let’s put them together
And make all our dreams come true 
Sister and brother 
We will become
A plumage of many hues
Something stronger
something new
Put together 
We will soar high
Touching the 7th sky
Fighting off bad weather will come with ease
Cries that echo from down below
Will be soothed  by a warm summer breeze

And if you wish to join us 
Stand tall with your feather 
Trust and don't let go 
Hold tight 
For the decision, you have made 
Must be right 
The winds will only gust 
For those who 
Let the inhibitions go 
And leave it all down below 
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