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My first step in this project was to understand what the app did. The app uses voice recognition to find verses in the Quran. Then I wanted to see the app through the founder's eyes. I asked him to describe the app as if it was his baby which was very fun exercise. After that, I asked him to show me logos that he liked to better understand what he was looking for.  I sketched a couple ideas with him and but he was very set with the idea below.  The Arabic calligraphy translates the word Quran.
After doing what the founder asked for I made the design above. I really liked it but I did not think that it would be an ideal app logo/icon. To help prove this to the founder I showed it around campus to possible users.  The feedback I got was that it looked great and was very traditional with the Arabic calligraphy but no one thought it would be a good app icon. The users also thought that the name was very cliche. After telling this to the funder the results of the user tests he agreed that we can brainstorm new ideas.
The founder changed the name of the app to "Iqra" which opened up a whole door of opportunities because from an Arabic calligraphy perspective because the letters can go in many different ways.  
After playing around with the word illustrator I ended up with the icon below. I user tested as well and the feedback was very positive. Everyone said the felt like it was a modern calligraphy.  
You can see the app here 

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